Trusted and scalable agent-based synthetic data

Aizle synthetic data is revolutionary

Unlike most other synthetic data approaches, Aizle synthetic data requires no real-world data to create.
Using advanced agent-based AI simulation, Aizle generates data with exceptional utility, fidelity, and zero risk. It mirrors and even surpasses real-world data features without the need for actual input data; completely eradicating privacy concerns and overcoming all data and security constraints.

Welcome to a new era of secure, versatile, and constraint-free synthetic data generation.

Easy to use:

Access synthetic data sets or generate synthetic data on-demand through a friendly user interface; no coding or data science skills needed. Get started in minutes.

Agent-Based AI simulation:

Data created by simulating the actions, reactions and events generated by autonomous "agents" within a defined framework of rules and patterns.


Data is calibrated against known & reliable data sources to measure fidelity and sense check.

Ready-to-go & customisable datasets:

Standard use case specific datasets are available or can be customised as required in Aizle platform.

Getting started with Aizle synthetic data

Getting started with Aizle synthetic data is easy. The datasets listed below are ready-to-go, and can be made available immediately. Contact us to explore them at no cost, and on subscription, unlock complete access to a customised version of your dataset with tailored parameters.

Open Banking

Cutting-edge synthetic data aligning with the UK open banking specification, driving forward your open banking processes and product development

APP Fraud

Dynamic synthetic data mirroring evolving fraud scenarios and emerging typologies, empowering rapid innovation for fraud prevention teams.

Consumer Finance

Expanding beyond banking, this synthetic dataset includes a comprehensive range of financial products and services.

Consumer Banking

Facilitate large-scale bank consumer transactions with this synthetic dataset, essential for process and product development.


Comprehensive synthetic data set for SMEs, focusing on companies, directors, transactions and more.


Propel innovation with this Identity synthetic dataset, navigating real-world data complexity to connect individuals across datasets.

Start generating trustworthy synthetic data now with Aizle.

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