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Aizle is a revolutionary synthetic data platform; generating trusted agent-based synthetic data that requires no real data to seed the data generation process.

Aizle is a product from Smart Data Foundry, a subsidiary of University of Edinburgh.

Smart Data Foundry is mission-led, seeking to unlock the power of private-sector financial data to tackle the biggest issues to create positive impact across society, the economy and the environment.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, Smart Data Foundry establishes trusted relationships with Financial Institutions. Despite common obstacles, they facilitate data sharing and collaboration, removing barriers to foster meaningful connections.

Smart Data Foundry enables and encourages partnerships to unlock the power of the financial data they securely hold, combined with other sources, to create understanding of what financial dynamics are at play in people’s lives, and how consumers, businesses and communities can be helped with the insights discovered.

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of real data

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